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All our tours outside the United Kingdom (i.e. continental Europe, North America & South Africa) will be accompanied by our capable, trustworthy and friendly tour mechanic. We do not have a dedicated tour mechanic on our UK tours.

Each car will be entitled to a reasonable amount of free repair work (labour only) in order to keep your car on the road and on tour, in the event of a breakdown or ‘failure to proceed’. All parts will be charged at normal rates and you will be expected to cover the cost of post and packaging, and VAT, as well as the part itself, if shipping is required.

If there is an excessive amount of time (ie numerous breakdowns) spent repairing your car then you will be charged at the full hourly rate. Before any work commences, this will be discussed in full with you.

The tour mechanic will only be following the recommended route, as highlighted in the tour book. If you have mechanical issues away from the route then help will be at the mechanic’s discretion, and priority will be given to cars on the route.

Our tour mechanic is on the tours to ensure the cars are kept on the road and able to complete the tour. He is not able to service your vehicle or carry out work that is not essential. Any work of this nature, if time allows, will be charged for at the full hourly rates, and must be negotiated directly with the mechanic at the time.

For all tours in Europe you must also have European breakdown cover, including repatriation, in case a problem is not able to be fixed. Our mechanic can work wonders but even he is limited in what he can and can’t do at the roadside or in a hotel car park. He will always do their best to ensure your car stays on tour, but it isn’t always possible. Classic car breakdown and repatriation cover is often included in your insurance policy, so please check with your insurer.

The tour mechanic will also be able to carry a small box of spares for each car – all supplied by the owner – in the van. The sturdy box should be no larger than 30cm x 40 cm x 30cm and must be clearly labelled with your name and car details.

Download our recommended spares list here.

Our regular tour mechanic is the ever-popular Joe Coleman, who runs OldTimer Services, offering vehicles transport across the UK and Europe, and car storage near Petersfield in Hampshire, UK. See www.oldtimerservices.co.uk for more details.