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Our Travel App is pretty intuitive, but just in case here are some instructions on how to make the most of the app.

Click here to download these Vamoos Instructions as a PDF file


Open the Vamoos Travel App

Add your login details (sent by email).










Welcome to the home page for the tour.

At the top are icons for:

Menu (see below)

Share – share any part of the tour with friends/family via social media, email, whatsapp etc

Here you will see five menu choices/icons along the bottom:




Press the Menu icon  and a side screen pops up.






The Summary icon brings up the day by day itinerary

Scroll down to read the full overview for each day or swipe sideways to go through the different days

There are also icons for each day at the bottom of the screen





The Destination Documents lists overview information including:




Maps will show the accommodation as numbered pins (in order of stay)

Various Points of interest will show and these can be hidden or highlighted by clicking the icons at the bottom. When the icon (eg restaurant) shows a tick then everything in that category will show. Unticking it will hide them. Categories include restaurants, cafes, gardens, museums, vineyards, beaches, cultural sites etc.

Pinch the maps to zoom or one finger to drag the maps to a different area.

Sadly, it’s not possible to use the maps on Vamoos to load the tour route maps or for navigation. Please use the MyRouteApp for this.








Tap the location/point of interest to see the name and more details. Tap on each point of interest to read more about it (short description or web link) or tap  to get direct directions to the location/point of interest.









The Weather icon shows the forecast for each location during the tour.

Click on each location for a more detailed report for the next four days. It is also possible to then click on each day for a more detailed 3-hourly forecast.

Temperature can be shown in °C or °F (change at bottom right of screen)