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 ‘Hairpin Lumbar & Side Support’ is a system which can be applied to the seats of your car to guarantee more comfort and safety to those travelling in classic cars. Designed in Switzerland and made in Italy, the complete kit is made up of a lumbar cushion that can be regulated and two shaped side supports. It can easily be adapted to almost any car (without altering its originality) and to anyone’s shape; it can be mounted or removed in less than a minute.

‘Hairpin Lumbar & Side Support’ meets any need in driving and travelling in classic cars making the experience more comfortable, avoiding discomfort and incorrect posture which could cause back ache, especially when driving along particularly winding roads.

It also presents great safety features. In classic cars, where there is not any real comfort in the design of the seats. In order to be able to withstand the force of gravity while taking bends, or in sudden changes of directions, it is often necessary to ‘hang on’ to the steering wheel. While, with ‘Hairpin Lumbar & Side Support’, your body stays well ‘anchored’ to the seat, allowing you to react correctly in emergencies.

The lumbar air cushion of ‘Hairpin Lumbar & Side Support’ is the same type as used in most recent cars. To obtain the support desired for your back, it can be pumped up and let down as you wish using a practical hand pump. This is inserted into a cloth band (especially developed to last a long time and to guarantee breathability) which vertically covers the central part of the seat back.

The side supports can also be regulated (according to the height of the driver and passengers) in order to obtain more or less restraint. Thanks to the Velcro inserts, these supports can be directly applied to the sides of the central band which holds the lumbar cushion.

One Hairpin set consists of:

  • One lumbar support band for 1 seat
  • Two Hairpin side supports for 1 seat
  • Air pump and tube
  • Carry bag and instructions

Price: £129 plus £5 UK shipment

What people say:

“Hairpin is a simple and outstanding solution, offering great comfort and safety, perfect for every classic car enthusiast.” Rob Pinchbeck, Classic Car Collector